Data Services

We deliver outsourced data entry services to empower small and medium size businesses, globally, to streamline their workflows, control risks and reduce costs.

We at Strantech Solutions one of the leading offshore data entry service providing companies , are a team of  efficient and enabled data entry professionals with executional capabilities, project management skills backed up with adaptability, scalability & delivery experience, led by a solution centric leadership team.

We are experts at capturing, digitizing & processing of data from diverse input sources including fax, web forms, e-mails, scanned images and hardcopy documents. Our trained data entry professionals and multilayered quality check process ensures 99.99% accuracy levels – across all our data entry outsourcing projects.

Strantech is a leading provider of multi-lingual data capture and conversion. Some of the languages we support: English , Spanish, Swedish , Korean, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Polish, Greek, etc…

STRANTECH Web’s range of services includes e-Book Conversion (in almost all the popular Formats), XML/SGML/XHTML/HTML mark-ups.

What We Offer

  • PDF Conversion
  • OCR (Data Capturing)
  • Data Entry
  • Pre-Press Services
  • E-Book Conversion (ePUB, ePDF, MobiPocket, LIT, CBZ (comical Books), PDB)
  • HTML/XML Conversion (Journals, Articles, Magazines, Financial Reports, etc.)


We have immense experience in Publishing Services and specialize in the project management and composition of books and journals. We can typeset any complexity of match or chemistry, or any complexity of page design.

Our production team is well versed in all aspects of composition services including:

  • QuarkXpress 5, 8.0
  • Adobe In Design CS3, CS4
  • Adobe Frame Maker 7.0, 9.0
  • Adobe Director
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3, CS4
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4

Final formats can be any of the popular e-Book formats given below, or custom tagged mark-ups.

  • Adobe e-Book (PDF Files)
  • LIT (Microsoft Reader Format Files)
  • PRC (MobiPocket, Kindle Files)
  • EPUB (Adobe Digital Edition (ADE), Sony Reader, iPhone, iPAD compatible file format)
  • PDB (PalmDoc Files),CBZ (Comical Books)

Our unique e-Book conversion process is ideal for you for the following reasons:

  • Light weight, clean and quality e-Books.
  • Cost effective. Fast turn-around.Easy integration of your custom (XML) formats.
  • Support for all major e-Book formats.

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